Saturday, March 01, 2008


So, David Cameron wants to have the abortion limit in Britain curtailed to twenty weeks. Last year, there was a medical and scientific hearing in the House of Commons to discuss shortening the limit. Conclusively proved - that there was no need to do this. Yet, he's started spouting it again. Feministe kindly provided a link whereby you could email him to point out your opposition. So I did.

The response from Mr. Cameron? Not that he bothered to do it himself, but I quote his Correspondence Secretary:

Dear Grace,

Many thanks for your email regarding abortion.

David Cameron believes this is an issue of conscience and not one he would ever want to see becoming party political.

David personally believes that we should review the abortion limit in the light of developments in medical science and technology. He would support a modest reduction from 24 weeks.

Of course, this response sums up my two points I made in the original email to him. First, I'm also extremely puzzled how the House of Commons hearing's scientific testimony and conclusions - despite attempts to stuff the Committee with anti-abortion activists - can simply be ignored by Mr. Cameron in this instance. But, I suppose, so long as he personally believes it that's fine. Just like personally believing the sun goes around the earth, I suppose.

Second, and more worryingly, it's a matter of conscience for him because it's women's rights; it doesn't matter what medical or scientific evidence has been presented to show that it is not a necessary reduction. You can screw over women because it's what you think is the right thing to do. Can you imagine ignoring scientific evidence because you thought it was a matter of conscience whether or not you thought you should use synthetic blood, for example. Strange how conscience doesn't mean protecting women and keeping it safe and legal.

When I pointed this out, no one bothered replying. 'Nuff said.

Which is where we come to Bill. Bill, Bill, Bill. I have loved him for many years, but recently been going through a "hmm, maybe Clinton effed up an awful lot more than I believed at the time, and we just idolise him because GWB is such a dreadful person." But this video - described in RH Reality Check's excellent podcast (which I cannot recommend highly enough) - reminded me just why he is loved by us progressives. Sigh.

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