Wednesday, February 27, 2008

No Surprises, Please

Bill O'Reilly is an arsehole and a liar. Shocking news, I know. What IS shocking is that after all the crap rightly thrown at Golf Magazine, and the fact that even Bush recognizes there is no correct use of the term "lynching," O'Reilly has not apologized (saying I'm sorry if YOU took offence, i.e. it's your fault if you did, you oversensitive prig) or been censured is another indication of why Fox is horrific.

Plus, interesting take of Jackson's about Clarence Thomas's use of the word...


Anonymous said...

When will we stop using the word "race"? It is incorrect, has not meant what Americans think it does since the eighteenth century, yet it is here and there and will be everywhere. Can't agree that some things will mean differently to whites. That is simply NOT AN OPTION! Unless you are ok with being unethical, immoral, a bigot.

pumpkin said...

Have you seen this article which sums up and links to this article? It's an excellent deconstruction of the Black v. Latino dichotomy that everyone is reporting in the Presidential nomination race, pointing out that, of course, you can be Black AND Latino (see David Ortiz, Carlos Delgado etc.), and therefore this schism and categorization is a fallacy.

On the other hand, "colorist" just doesn't have the same ring to it as "racist." I need to know how to categorize my bigots... :)