Monday, January 28, 2008

Resolved in January

So, no. 1 on my resolution list done for this month - keeping track of the resolutions. Hurrah!
  1. See above. Take this for granted from now on if I manage to do it every month.
  2. Body fat update. Started at 29%, now down to 28.3%. In a fortnight, that's not bad, with only a couple of gym visits and slightly healthier eating. Still, that sort of trajectory not going to last forever. I'm trying to get my knee ready for a 5k, at least, so running starts again today, too, which should help. FYI, although the information doesn't seem to have a strongly reliable source, the recommended amount for youngish women is 20-21%, and the average US woman has 22-25%, so I've a way to go before then.
  3. Big nights on the backburner at the moment, what with TOH's dodgy knee. Still, had a serious dance on Friday night while wearing the most horrific 80s outfit - not sure what was worse, going out in public like that or knowing that each and every item came from my own wardrobe, not bought from American Apparel that day. But it was a BIG night (and led to my breaking, without much inner struggle from me, each of my extra resolutions for sensory deprivation).
  4. Classic movies not got through yet, although we have made a list of the IMDB's top 250 that neither TOH or I have seen, we've borrowed the Godfathers from a friend, and have many visits to the cinema planned for the Film Forum's United Artists season. We just have to work our way through all the movies people loaned us for TOH's recovery.
  5. Currently reading To Kill a Mockingbird, and have The Trial coming up next, plus all the other classics from Law & Literature - hallelujah for that class.
  6. We do have fresh flowers in the house, thanks to TOH yesterday... although the cats are trying to eat them already. We're thinking about seeds, and growing things. I'm nervous.
  7. We made Nigella's beetroot & mustard soup last week (tasted pretty much like beetroot & mustard, but that means yummy, to me at least). Tonight I'm probably going to make something from one of our favourite books, Pasta Improvvisata. Never a dud yet from that book.
  8. Well, yesterday went to the Hispanic Society of America museum. Wednesday we're finally getting to the Kara Walker at the Whitney. Yay!
Rock on February.

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