Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Extra Resolute

A dear old friend of mine has challenged his nearest and dearest (one has to wonder, how near and dear am I given what he's asking me to do?) to the following Health & Culture Attempt. What you do: seven cultural events and seven pieces of exercise in the next fourteen days. Also, some form of sensory deprivation is called for, and therefore I shall not be eating cheese, or drinking spirits, "heavy" beer, coffee, coke, or dr. pepper in the upcoming fortnight.

Some of you may remember how utterly awful this blog got in my obsession with (lack of) caffeination for Lent last year. Therefore, I suppose we should all be grateful that this is a mere two weeks, and not the forty long, miserable days of last year's effort.

Question: Does attending legal celebrations count as "cultural"?

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