Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Really Wild Show

Animals. Because they're important, right? I'm soppy about them, I know, but I think how you treat animals, with their reliance upon your food, kindness, or grace (or lack of fear) or their reliance upon you leaving them bloody well alone (as in some cases seen below) is indicative of your view of your place in the world and the scheme of things. Hence an unashamed series of animal loving. And no, not like that.

A vulture flying high on a hike up Bear Mountain.

Why all of my clothes are covered in cat hair.

Hakuna matata...

They look so cute, and yet...

A bit fuzzy but worth it for the (estimated) three-week-old at the mama's knees.

1 comment:

Adela said...

Beautiful!! Love it! I want your cat.