Saturday, December 29, 2007


It's that time of year when I think about what it is I want to achieve next year. Many of those things are things I always want to achieve - less body fat, less laziness, more organisational skills, more happiness, yada yada yada - but I really do want to do that. Maybe because this is my last year in which New Year will come and I will be in my twenties. I'm also graduating from an academic institution, quite probably for the last time ever, and therefore entering the unknown realms of being a grownup, having responsibility and being accountable. Ulp. and ugh.

I just looked at my resolutions from last year and, of course, I haven't really stuck to any of them.

Still, this semester promises to be a bit easier going than usual, and I really do hope to do more of the relaxing, exercising and so forth. Hence, in an attempt to make me accountable for my resolutions (last year's clearly having done so much good!):
  1. Keep track of my resolutions! Therefore, I will set a reminder on my computer so that every 28th of the month, I will take stock of what I set out to do this year AND will be forced to blog about it. Ha! Maybe that'll work.
  2. Get my body fat down to 25%. This is not merely for aesthetic reasons, but also because my family has a history of heart disease, high blood pressure, and so on; I would like to do everything possible to avoid that.
  3. Go out for a BIG night out every month - and I mean BIG. More dancing. That sort of thing.
  4. Work our way through the classic films. Using the IMDB's top 250, or whatever it is, and various more learned tomes, that's what we'll do. Netflix does make this all so much easier... and then I'm going to write about that on the sister blog.
  5. Read more classic literature. I talk about this a lot, but this year is the year I do it. Ditto with the sister blog, poor neglected thing that it is.
  6. Always have fresh flowers in the house. And maybe even not neglect a plant. Although don't want to go overboard, there, one step at a time. My propensity to kill plants is quite remarkable.
  7. Try a new recipe from our multitude of books every week.
  8. Go to one of: a museum, cinema, classical concert every month.
That's enough for now. Definitely. But it's a good start. Sort of. We'll see.

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