Monday, April 02, 2007

All Bets Are Off

I must offer a heartfelt apology to the women of Rutgers and the gents of Ohio State. Because in the next two days, you will both lose in the finales to March Madness.

The only reason I have to offer is that I would favour your victory--and given the fate of those who have been my preference thus far, that means you will lose. Both the women and men of UNC had leads, to then be painfully beaten. Even after switching to UCLA and Georgetown--both due to friends and, of course, jesuit loyalty--they both lost. Every team I have expressed a vague preference for, be it out loud or merely in my head, has lost.

So sorry folks, I have tried to be neutral for tonight, but it's just not possible...

At least the poison has not yet spread to the baseball, as the Mets gave the Cardinals a stuffing last night.

And for those who have no sporting interest whatsoever, I apologise, too, but until October it's all about the cricket (starting very very soon in England) and the baseball.

I love summer. Not that it's evident right now. I am never going to believe Weather on the 1s again, given that it told me this morning that temperatures would reach 67F today, hence no tights (of course, it has subsequently modified its prediction). It's currently 48F. Damn you Pat Buchanan!

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missygp said...

UPDATE: Of course, Ohio State lost, and Florida became only the second team in the last thirty years to defend a title successfully. At least, as my Tar Heel neighbour says, it's not Duke anymore.

My problem: I think I actually want Tennessee to win, because Candace Parker is a badass, but I don't want them to lose. So am I really supporting Rutgers (no NCAA finals since 1949) or Tennessee?