Sunday, March 06, 2011

Resolutions: February Update

  1. Shooting, Shooting, Shooting: Take the camera off auto-settings. This has been pretty hard. I'm getting better, in part because I've occasionally resorted to seeing what the contrast is between settings I use and the auto setting uses, and then reaching a compromise. It's been tricky to realise that I need to adjust the settings, often between shots. It sounds silly, but it's just not been automatic for me, but I'm training myself and getting better. And, often I choose my own settings or something close to that than the auto settings, which makes me happy. It's just time, really, that I need.
  2. Cooking, cooking, and more cooking. We've been ok on this. This month we made a pepperoni pizza soup from Tasting Table, which was pretty good but I'm not desperate to repeat it. There hasn't been as much cooking as usual because work during February was somewhat overwhelming - it was a lot of leftovers and cobbling together what I could find in the cupboard. Hopefully March will prove a little more inspiring.
  3. Reading, reading and more reading. Not good. I don't even have one of the 100 book list entries out from the library to pretend I'll read and then have to return. Will remedy that now. A Bend in the River is what I will not be reading in March.
  4. Looking, looking and more looking - at exhibitions. Again, a little bit of a fail. As in, I didn't go anywhere. But again, February was a bit miserable in terms of time to spare for fun things.
  5. Solving, solving, solving. Done some but not many.
So, February was far less successful than January. But I'm hopeful that March will be a little better...

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