Sunday, March 06, 2011

Botanics: February

Last weekend we went to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens for the second in our series of monthly visits. (In fact, we even went once in-between when we had friends in town - we're all BBG, all the time, it seems). The major change was, obviously, the change in temperature that had thawed (most of) the snow and brought out far more visitors to share the gardens with than on our previous trips. So I'm not going to post all of the photos because although there is now green to be seen, there's not much flowering and still an awful lot of brown stalks everywhere. Occasional crocuses and snowdrops could be seen, which bodes well for our visits in March and April.

The fountain.

The cherry orchards from above.

The herb garden - you can see green things! sort of!

Proof that the temperatures haven't climbed that much.

The flowering quince - absolutely spectacular. I find bonsai and their cultivation a bit strange, I have to say, but this was exquisite.

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