Thursday, March 03, 2011

Address Book

I just purchased a copy of Sense and Sensibility on the internets (horrified to admit that I have never read it and certainly don't own a copy, so I'm remedying that thanks to TNC's current and rather lovely obsession with Austen), and decided to have it sent home rather than to work, which is my default for larger items. And I was struck, as I always am when I change address on Amazon, by the list of addresses and names that my packages have been sent to in the past. It features the flat I lived in with this lady in Blackheath when we first graduated from university; Mum's home; Dad's home; my flat in Barcelona; TOH's parents and various work addresses over here, plus his home in Providence; and the apartment we lived in when we first arrived, in Washington Heights - the first place we ever lived together. It's a little reminder of how times have changed and brings back a strange amalgam of memories. But good ones.

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