Saturday, January 01, 2011

Resolutions: The 2011 Edition

It's a new day, a new year, and of course, some resolutions have to be made, if only to break them. This year, they are:
  1. Shooting, Shooting, Shooting: Take the camera off auto-settings. Yes, I've taken some fab shots, but I've been lazy and not really got to know the camera well because I've used the auto settings a lot. Which means that I'm not really any more clued up than I was before, although I do know how to mess around with the white balance (although even then I've used those auto-settings). So it's a year of taking proper photos and getting to know the beast. TOH got me a fabulous wide-angle lens for Christmas so I will be trying to get the best out of that, too.
  2. Cooking, cooking, and more cooking. And, in conjunction with 1, taking more photos of the results. We got a delightful Italian-inspired slow cooker book from these lovely people, and a new Nigel Slater, so I need to do more / take more photos of it. We've been good about trying new things, but I still think one recipe a week isn't much to ask, is it?
  3. Reading, reading and more reading. Yes, every year it's the same, but still: I want to read more, and more "good" stuff. So, apropos of that, I want to read 5 off the Observer 100, as well as two each from the Booker and Orange shortlists. That'll do.
  4. Looking, looking and more looking - at exhibitions. One of the best things about living in this city is, in theory, the availability and range of spectacular museums. Yet we almost never go. So I'd like to go six times - just six, for goodness' sake! So right now I'm signing up for information emails from various museums so that I know what's going on, when and where. Or, at least, I'm trying but the museum websites are a pain. I will persevere!
  5. Solving, solving, solving. I would like to do three crosswords a week. That is all.
So that's it. Let's see how it goes.

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