Sunday, January 02, 2011

Reductio Ad Absurdum

Today has mostly been spent trying to write a brief (not so successfully, but getting there) and doing a bit of spring cleaning. I did not point out to TOH that it is nowhere bloody near spring yet as, bless him, he had his heart set on this. New year, new lack of stuff. That sort of thing. So today has consisted of numerous attempted ruthless re-categorising of things. No, I don't wear those shoes and haven't worn them for a year - off they go! You get the idea.

Of course, it turns out that we're both more than a little sentimental and have had to have a special category of "yes, I know you never wear it and will never wear it again but I can't bear for you to throw it away." Nevertheless, there is a big bag of things to go to the charity shop consisting of numerous bags, shoes and coats, the bathroom cull has produced two bags of products to go into the giant rubbish tip in the sky (and the earth - ahem. I know it's not great but I promise, we are recycling/donating where possible), and I've recovered two necklaces and an eyelash curler that for the past year have appeared to be irretrievably tangled together. It seems that I have not only a great capacity for hoarding and storing things, I can also be quite ruthless when purging myself of these things. Which leads me to the conclusion that I am a stuff bulimic - I store it all up only to throw it all out. Or something like that.

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