Sunday, January 23, 2011

Botanics: January

In a rather inspired move, TOH got us a family membership to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden for Christmas. It's just down the road from our place so a regular visit should be rather easy to do. And yet... it's on the far side of the Brooklyn Museum, and we did not really use that membership that well. So despite my grumps (having got back from a rather hectic if sunny time in Mexico), this morning TOH persuaded me to go out there and, last minute, we decided to take the Nikon with the spanking new wide-angled lens that TOH also got me for Christmas (what can I say? the man is extremely good at gifts). While en route we hit upon on a great idea to create an incentive to go to the BBG and to use the camera more: each month, we will return to the BBG and take photos from the same position to show the change in seasons as the gardens sprout and flower and then, in autumn, fade and shrivel and pass away until the next spring. So here are the first results. Month to month I won't add all of them, don't worry, but those that show an interesting progress, or them side by side. I'm extremely excited by this project - and, of course, I'll be doing it without the auto settings. Arrgh!

The View from the Entrance

The Bluebell Garden

The Herb Garden

The Visitors' Centre

The Fountain

The Cherry Avenues (from the North)
(I cannot WAIT for spring!)

The Cherry Avenues (from the South)

The Rose Garden (North West Corner)

The Rose Garden (looking south)

The View From the Top (Right)

The View From the Top (Middle)

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