Monday, August 02, 2010

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

Or not. Not feeling up to my usual work-going self today, so I have been sat battling a rather nasty stomachache and the rubbishness of my work notebook that seems unable to maintain an internet connection for very long, which is really rather inconvenient when you're trying to connect to a virtual network so that you can indeed work from home.

But, in some happier news, I have been comforted by the powers of a hot water bottle. It really is a remarkable thing, a hot water bottle. I don't tend to use mine for heating our bed, although I should do more often given how frozen my feet get. Instead, I use it as a rather effective way to ease a bad stomach, unsettled for whatever reason. TOH's folks' excellent and failsafe method is a small glass of scotch diluted with water but, of course, that's not quite so easy to explain at work. I find it rather fascinating how heat helps some things, but cold helps others, even though there is at least anecdotal evidence that different places and cultures use heat or cold for the same problem (which in itself creates a very interesting chain of thought about whether the body learns a response to an outside stimulus, like extreme heat or cold, or whether there really are different healing processes going on. But I digress). Nonetheless, the rather silly point of this post is that I wanted to share with you just how great a hot water bottle is. Which does indeed make this post seem silly.

In other health-related news, the brief cessation of hostilities that followed this post has subsequently falled apart, with the result that I am once more covered in welts all over my body. Joy of joys. Being a mosquito magnet combined with a very, very, very slow healing process is not exactly a pretty sight for those unfortunate enough to get close to my legs. It does, however, give me an excellent excuse for not having to shave or for a sloppy job done. Which is a sign that perhaps I am a bit of an optimist, after all.

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