Monday, August 30, 2010

Eat Fresh

For a variety of reasons - although, admittedly, sloth is the predominant one - I've managed to somehow evade the farmers' market at Grand Army Plaza until Saturday. Slothful, indeed. But on Saturday TOH and I roamed up there and spent our last dollars on a variety of wonderful produce and meat for a grand, grand supper we cooked on Saturday night. The corn dish we cooked was out of this world (although we used goat's cheese instead of feta due to a purchasing error on my part and an apparently less than attentive/honest cheesemonger). We ate good steak, made Murricanes from our ginormous watermelon (which weighed about the same as Winston) as well as a goat's cheese, watermelon and mint salad, and had blue and regular new potatoes along with a glorious tomato salad made from wonderfully misshapen but delicious tomatoes, deliberately chosen for a mixture of sweetness and tartness. It was grand. A couple of photos from our feast are here for your delectation.

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