Friday, July 18, 2008

Think of a number...

I've decided to give myself a ten minute break in which I have to think of ten positive things about this whole bar experience. Which, believe me, is not easy. Here's what I've come up with:
  1. I am now watching less than 10 hours of tv a week. Because I barely watch an hourlong thing when I get home at night. [Negative = not watching Six Feet Under or any Daily Shows at the mo - dammit. I LIKE tv. Still.]
  2. I have rediscovered classical music. While the downside is that I'm not listening to any of the fantastic new (and newish) albums I have recently purchased (Neon Neon, New Young Pony Club, MGMT), I have been rediscovering the joys of classical music as it is, apparently, the only suitable music for memorization. Elgar and Fauré are particular favourites. Recommendations for suitable, non-jaunty things gratefully received.
  3. Improved snacking. You see, because I am stuck sat on my backside all the time I can't be eating peanut m&ms whenever I feel like it. So anything low-fat and high-fibre to keep me full is consumed. Balancing consideration: level of crunchiness. Sadly, on my table in the library today are only people without headphones / earplugs, so the baby carrots are out right now.
  4. Resumption of detective novel obsession.
  5. Gym time? I am going 4-5 times a week because of the aforementioned arse-sitting.
  6. Reduced consumption of alcohol. Some friends have renounced the evil stuff completely, but I just can't face that. So it's one light beer (with lime) per night.
  7. I know now that I cannot write your will for you and expect a payout. So I'll forego the will-drafting to receive the cash, methinks.
  8. The return of fishwatch.
  9. Gratitude - for time after this misery, for the time up until now. That's it.
  10. TOH is an absolute sweetheart.

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Adela said...

Vamos, Grace, Vamos! You're so nearly there! Te mando mucho animo!