Thursday, July 03, 2008

Resolved in June!

  1. Hurrah - done and done
  2. 28.2% - so 0.4% lower, and I am physically so much stronger than I was, it's brilliant. Not that it's noticeable in my physique, but I was able to shoulder press 40lbs, which I've never managed before. For two sets of reps. Repeat after me: BEEFCAKE!
  3. No dancing, but I have been generally misbehaving a little bit every now and then. Still, fun is OVER as of tomorrow so, you know, tough luck for me.
  4. No classic movies whatsoever, although we have got Fight Club out and are waiting for an opportunity to watch it. Plus, I am extremely keen to see Tell No One and fairly keen to see Hancock, both of which look like perfect films for this time of year, when I'm uberstressed (previous examples: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Hot Fuzz).
  5. Similarly I have been reading nothing but New York, Sports Illustrated and the New Yorker (and loved the articles on the new evangelicals and the itching one). However, I was thinking of going to the library to get out classic detective stories - maybe going to try PD James, as well as more Josephine Tey.
  6. No flowers
  7. No cooking
  8. No culture. But we may try to go to the zoo next week. And tomorrow I'm going to some jazz, hopefully.
Exciting life. Next month's is going to be awesome.

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