Friday, July 04, 2008


It was seriously hard to concentrate on work yesterday. Partly because of the night before spent mostly at Verlaine - although the impact of energy prices finally became clear, seeing as lychee martinis there are now five whole fricking dollars. Damn the war!

Anyway, most of my excitement yesterday was based on my going, as I mentioned I might, to the NYPL branch round the corner from school. It was genuinely exciting - kid in a sweet shop type thing. Even slightly not so good libraries i.e. without a great selection, like not so great parks, really are wonderful things. Particularly yesterday - there were tons of people in this small library, renting books, dvds, reading papers, just hanging out with books. It makes me so happy, it's ridiculous.

Plus, the NYPL allows you to select books and sends you notification when they arrive - it's just like netflix - sahwweeeeet. So I probably sent just a little bit too long on that yesterday rather than doing some work... portuguese books (for the Mozambique portion of the summer trip), various classic detective novels (first of PD James and Henning Mankell and the second Josephine Tey), some light stuff I've been meaning to catch up on. Of course, this is the time to start re-reading Light Reading, as I am looking for inspiration, particularly for awesome holiday reading... I do love the library, indeed.

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