Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Resolved in March

  1. Done!
  2. Not great at all - 28.7% and I have been pathetically lazy. This also includes spring break, though, which was somewhat indulgent. However, I have been running more, and I'm up to 9 mins run, 1 walk, three times, which is great and slowly but surely, my knee is getting stronger and I'm getting better at running. All this is designed to deflect you from my lack of work on the body fat business.
  3. Well, a bit of boogying at Ghostland Observatory, and this Friday Optimo is planned. I also had a bit of a dance on the Hen Weekend - in awesomely ludicrous shoes - so some done. But not really.
  4. Classic movies not really happened - we're halfway through The Godfather: Part II, but that's about it. However, we have plans. Oh yes, we have plans. I have instead managed to see an awful lot of dross in the past few weeks, which reminds me that even if I don't watch the classics all the time, I watch better movies than: How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days; The Wedding Date (for the SECOND time, no less); My Best Friend's Wedding. Ugh.
  5. Read Bleak House, which was my Dickens for the winter. And yes, it is still winter here, I reckon (today's low - 33F), although it was 85F in Vegas and Pasadena where I did most of the reading of this. It was really, extraordinarily good. I loved it. I also read The Book of Daniel, which was... interesting, and also another Walter Mosley, Black Betty, which I think are classics.
  6. Yes. But only because I... took advantage of their availability from functions at school. Still, three new vases out of it, so no excuse, because we have all sorts in which we can put new They're pretty, though. The cats liked them.
  7. Now, I'm having trouble remembering, but I know I've made something new. I know it! I made peppered steaks, which were yummy, and particularly good with them were the sweet potato pancakes, which are incredibly easy and will be done in the future.
  8. Hmm, no museum, no classic cinema, nothing that cultural. I did go and look at the exquisite "landscaping" in the Bellagio in Vegas, however... Does gambling count as cultural activity?

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