Friday, April 11, 2008

Random Rules: April '08

  1. Reign Dub - Dual Tones. This version, at least, is from my Thievery Corporation DJ Kicks album. It remains my favourite of the DJ Kicks, which is probably also my favourite of this sort of compilation (although I like Back to Mine a lot, too). Unlike some snobs, I see no problem with collecting what your favourite people are listening to, and exploring music that way - how is it different from getting a tracklist from a DJ set? Or are you just supposed to know? I have been and still am a music snob in certain ways, but that seems pointless to me. I buy basically everything Thievery Corporation do, as either DJs or their own music, because it's all fabulous. This album is also absolutely awesome to work to. Which is what I'm ostensibly doing while writing this post.
  2. Looking for Love - Karen Ramirez. Embarrassingly, I just love this song. It's soppy and silly, but it's just so sweet. It's an Everything But The Girl Song, but I love this version - her voice is so delicate, and somehow the production seems to capture the wonderment of falling love - it just makes me happy through its sheer loveliness.
  3. Feo - Fito & Fitipaldis. I think this is one of the cds that my dear friend Larra gave me when I left Costa Rica. We had talked repeatedly about my ignorance about Spanish-language music - other than another embarrassing like for Alejandro Sanz (if you admit to that over the age of 16 in Spain they think you're an idiot). So she did a really sweet thing and gave me a wallet of cds of Spanish language. And generally, I like them. Generally, but I don't listen to them enough.
  4. Top Hat - The Dizzy Club. I love this song - it's from one of my favourite films of all time - also called Top Hat. I prefer the Fred Astaire version, it has to be said, but I don't mind this one at all.
  5. The Twelfth of Never - Nina Simone. Her voice is just a wonderful instrument, and that she fought so hard for civil rights, and was an activist, makes so many of today's infantile stars, those that just want to be famous so they can have a big house and get free stuff just seem... pointless. But you knew that already. And I shouldn't rail against them too much - I do have a weird loathing for Bono, after all.
  6. Got To Be Me - H20. Well, here's another from a DJ collection - this one Another Late Night by Rae & Christian. I bought this not because of the collection, but because Blazing the Crop by Rae & Christian is one of my all-time favourite DJ mixes, if not my favourite. This I listen to less, but I still like it a lot.
  7. Hey Mama - Kanye West. I'm never sure how I feel about rappers thanking their mothers, particularly if they speak about other women with utterly foul mouths and seem to have no problem with the depiction of women as money-grabbing whorish sex objects. I just wonder how much their mothers are proud of those lyrics, or those videos? How much respect for women and the work that mothers do are in those? Still, Kanye's not exactly a bad offender, so it's not about him. I don't mind this song but it's not exactly my favourite of his tunes.
  8. A Girl Like You - Aaliyah. I was not a big fan of Aaliyah in her earlier years, basically because I was going through my indie purist phase, when I didn't like R&B or Hip Hop at all (other than Public Enemy, natch). What I failed to appreciate was the way her delicate, sweet voice was such a perfect match for heavier production; it just floats over the top, and raises what might otherwise be mediocre songs to much greater heights. She was such a good foil for missy eliot & timbaland - it's weird to remember that that's how Missy got her big break. This is typical - sweet and soulful.
  9. Don't Die Just Yet - David Holmes. As I suspected, I had David Holmes last month, too. So you should read that entry.
  10. Montego Bay Spleen - St. Germain. I did not use to be a fan of all things Frenchy-jazzy-housey until TOH converted me. This is off one of his favourite ever albums (Tourist), and although it's not my favourite track, it's grand. That honour goes to Rose Rouge, which once we heard at the roller disco in Central Park - it was such a great moment to see the crazy skaters and this fabulous song together, a bizarre mismatch and yet perfect. Sort of like NYC, really.

AND NOW - I TAG YOU PEOPLE! Portax, Xopo, WUB, Mrs. Devo - generate your tunes, randomly!

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