Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Resolved in April

  1. Done! Admittedly at the expense of my drafting assignment and law & lit revision, but whatever... I dinnae care! (that might also be because I am so close to being done with law school I can smell it, and because I had a margarita for lunch).
  2. 28.4%, which I was surprised to discover is lower than last month (by a massive 0.3%!). Hurrah! It's been a pretty revolting month, healthy living wise, and the next few weeks does not bode well, either - cinco de mayo, Senior Week, graduation, etc. Ulp. However, the bar review starts fairly soon thereafter, and I think I'm going to have a much more regimented life, which leads to more gym time, which leads to less bodyfat. In theory. It's still lower than the 29% at the start of the year.
  3. Big nights out... hmm... well, wine club was cancelled a couple of weeks ago, and we had a dance party. All four of us at a friend's place. I also went to Optimo, which was AWESOME (apart from the plan that to stay awake whiskey would be the only liquid to pass my lips). And danced my behind off at a wedding this weekend. So not too bad, although there's not much on the horizon. Rats.
  4. Classic movies not really happening either, although TOH and I are off to see a Chaplin double bill tomorrow, which should be sahweet. I loved, loved, loved The Great Dictator - even though it took me three attempts to watch it (kept falling asleep - that doesn't sound good, I know, but the same happened with Dr. Strangelove and that's heaven). We also progressed on the Coens, having seen O Brother again. Mostly, we have been watching It's Always Sunny... sigh, love it SO.
  5. Hmm, after Bleak House I've read almost nothing. Started Crime and Punishment, but really, have been having reading assignments for school and so nothing. That'll change next week, I swear... finish C&P, and then move on. Books for fun - I cannot wait!
  6. Indeed, we have more flowers from yet more vases that I purloined. Oops.
  7. Hmm, again, nothing new. I've really been feeble and not cooked much at all. I made pie again, but that's not new anymore. DAMMIT! I will try something next week when I can be a domestic goddess because I will have NO MORE LAW SCHOOL.
  8. Nothing cultural. Nada. Except a transvestite brunch in DC. That counts, right? Going hopefully to the Brooklyn Museum of Art and/or the Botanical Gardens this weekend. That counts, definitely. Even if it's in May.

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