Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Close Shave

Today, my dear beloved mac gave me an almighty scare, refusing to switch itself on but endlessly circling with that grey screen. It made me realise how stupidly I'm attached to this machine - not just what's on i, datawise, but just having it around. Using it every day and getting joy from it every single day.

Fortunately, the legend that was Tim at the genius bar fixed it. Strange how every person he asked answered "no" to the question "Have you backed up?" Which is why, shortly after this (and making sure I have the latest version of OSX) I will. Honest, guv.

Still, my love for all things apple reaffirmed by the glories of the genius bar. It is, indeed, genius.


e. said...

That just happened to my dad´s PowerMac... well, not exactly, not even the gray screen... :S He didn´t have a back up either... sad sad sad.

Luck!!! e.

pumpkin said...

The thing is, you KNOW you're supposed to back up, but it's so rare that you actually do it. But I did yesterday, finally. And will continue to do so to show my gratitude for the mac and the efforts of the geniusbar. HONESTLY, I will. I hope.