Sunday, December 23, 2007

Live It Up

This year we went to a fair few concerts that were absolutely excellent. So here is my list of my favourite concerts of the year - and then that's it, dunzo with listmaking... until we get to the NY resolutions... and then I actually have to check how few of the things I wanted to do this year I actually achieved. Ulp.
  1. LCD at Webster Hall. Unsurprising, I know, given the last few posts, but it really was extraordinarily good. And, as some poor souls now know, is definitely in my top ten (if not five) of all-time concerts.
  2. LCD & Arcade Fire at Randalls Island. A perfect combination, although I was disappointed with the lack of dancing to LCD, but everyone raved about them afterwards... but I really enjoyed Arcade Fire, and grew a new love for their music.
  3. M.I.A. at Terminal 5. It was an absolutely rocking show - she has so much stage presence and it was utterly brilliant. Again, increased my love for her music even more.
  4. A Touch of Class at PS1's Summer Warm Up. Ok, so that shouldn't really count, but it was one of the best days out I've had in NYC, and certainly the best "clubbing" experience outside the first time I saw Optimo. A whole heaving crowd screaming along to Roxanne and London Calling... genius. And he played the song that is guaranteed to get me moving, one Flat Beat by Mr. Oizo... sigh. Genius.
  5. Richard Hawley at Bowery Ballroom. A late entry, but it was so beautiful, and his encore consisted of my two favourite songs. And we got in on the guestlist - sweet!

Honorary mention to Jamie Lidell (whose gig was my favourite of 2006), who I love dearly but think I should branch out and therefore try not to choose him two years running.

And those concerts that were cancelled and would possibly have made it in:

  • Genius supported by Jamie Lidell - a very strange but compelling combo - sob!
  • The Long Blondes supporting The Gossip - that would have been so so so good. Sob again!

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