Thursday, May 17, 2007

Way Across Some Cold Neurotic Sea

Tomorrow morning is the beginning of a twenty hour journey to Malawi, and the start of a fortnight trying to put into practice a whole semester of preparation on women's rights and their disproportionate suffering of HIV. So I will be out of the loop, to say the least.

I am having trouble articulating my feelings on the trip, simply because I do not really know them myself. I suppose I can hazard a few guesses, the obvious ones - nervous, excited, so forth - but I really am just tired. Uncertain. I have never been to Africa before, and the thought of a whole new continent, whole new levels of poverty, rural life, isolation... and the realisation that I should never underestimate the resourcefulness and strength of women, or think I fully understand their lives and their choices. And I should learn as much as possible, and get as much perspective as I can, given that when I come back, I'll be working for a corporate law firm. Somewhat different. I believe the term will be "culture shock."

It's going to be an adventure. And I am NOT going to get malaria. NOT. Despite what the mosquitoes have in store for me. Little sods.


e. said...

You´re NOT going to get Malaria and you´ll do great! You´ll see... Have fun and learn A LOT! Take pictures for later!!!

Cheers, e.

Anonymous said...

Dear Grace, You will not see this until your return, probably. But I'll be thinking about you. This sounds like a wonderful journey and I am sure you will be great. Those women are very very fortunate to have you.
All best wishes.