Monday, May 07, 2007

Groover. Vancouver. Hoover?

Those who know me know of my great love for Go Fug Yourself. It is, without question, the greatest website on earth. Yes, even better than kittenwar or stuffonmycat.

Today, however, it surpassed its own incredibly high standards. When I was an early teen, I had a big big big thing for Bryan Adams. Not a sexual attraction thing, but an all-encompassing love. My first ever concert was Bryan himself, supported by Extreme. Yes, "morethanwords" Extreme. It was at Wembley Arena; I got a t-shirt. I went with my best friend and my mum's best friend, who took us. It was great, I think. I can't really remember, but it didn't quell my love for BA until I suddenly became utterly obsessed with the Beatles at the age of fourteen and refused to listen to anything else, for a while - other than Blur - but those are two different stories for a different post.

At the time of the Adams obsession I may have also been a bit of a teenybopper but, for me, loving the Adams meant that I was a bit harder-edged than the other take that lovers. Please pick yourself up from the floor, stitch back together those sides that have split from guffawing at me. Fortunately I got into indie & dance music. But my nostalgia for Bryan remains. Hence my great pleasure at GFY today. Any post that manages to slate this horrible outfit while concentrating entirely on the back catalogue of the GFV is awesome.

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