Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Here Comes The Fear

My top fears about this summer (in no particular order):
  1. Addiction to the crackberry - I am already an obsessive email checker
  2. Not being able to read GFY at work.
  3. Business Casual - I can do business. I can do casual. Business Casual - not so much. Plus the whole switching from heat to aircon to sweltering heat... that requires another of my weaknesses.... layering.
  4. Disappointing people. Seriously - I will have responsibility. Not just to myself to do a good job, or to my employers, but to my school so that other students will be wanted; to my F&F to be around to talk and hang out; to my paper that needs to get re-written.
  5. I will melt with the heat.
  6. The FRIZZ (see 5 above). Is there a product strong enough to prevent it?
  7. That I will stop going to work for two days in July--or, at least, I will get no sleep--because I will be too busy reading the new Harry Potter
That's it. For now.


wind-up-bird said...

Grace, only your TV will be disappointed. And I have enough faith in you to know that even that is an unlikely possibility.

missygp said...

My tv has taken a BEATING over the last twenty four hours. Hurrah!

And thank you.