Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Sea of Apples

Yesterday was a horribly wholesome day: a scrambling walk through Purgatory Chasm - ok, so that doesn't sound wholesome, but it was - followed by a trip to a local fair complete with corn mazes and mini golf, a disgusting amount of ice cream at a creamery, then apple picking and pumpkin patches. Of course, we then went and had martinis and steak to work that cleanliness from our souls, but still: wholesome. That's part of the point of come up to TOH's other home, in a way, to take advantage of the lovely lush countryside so close to home, to the sea and fresh air and farms and the ice cream. Seriously, the ice cream here is wonderful. But for future reference, you never, ever need a medium, ever: small will suffice.

The only question that remains: what on earth to do with these apples? I don't even really like apples. I certainly loathe hearing anyone else eating them in my vicinity. As so often is the case, booze might well provide the answer.

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