Monday, June 07, 2010

In the Hood

One of the selling points of our neighbourhood was that we would be closer to a lot of people we love (despite leaving behind some others although, admittedly, not many - upper Manhattan is, frankly, deserted these days in comparison to law school days). This weekend I bumped into a friend twice on the same day, and another while I was dashing to see the Atlantic Avenue tunnel. And then we ended up in the same restaurant as another friend who was dining with her in-laws there. It was a nice reminder - as if we needed one - that our new locale has been very good to us thus far, and continues to be. Not to mention the dollars we spent in local bars and restaurants over the past week - a starker contrast couldn't be had. But that's for another post, forthcoming when a) I have a card reader so that I can put up some photos and b) when I have a little more time for such procrastinating.

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