Sunday, May 02, 2010


Our garden has been a great source of joy. Recently, it has sprung to life. It's hard to believe that the garden that featured this chair just a couple of months ago now looks like this. The blueberries are coming along, strawberry flowers are appearing, the sage is slowly emerging, and the phlox and bleeding hearts are in full bloom.

Now, our seedlings we've been growing ourselves have not fared desperately well, yet, and reached a major crisis yesterday when my attempts to harden them were proved to be too akin to "tough love" for the poor little things. But we have watered them devotedly, and even set up some splints, and under some intense light some, at least, are reviving. The tomatoes, mostly. So gradual, gentle hardening will start tomorrow. We did cave and purchase some peppers, cucumbers, broccoli(!!), tomatoes and lettuce, and they are all planted out and, hopefully, about to thrive.

Along with our landlady, who is an amazing gardener and designed the whole thing, we had a thorough de-snailing, weeding and re-planting thing, moving stuff around, mulching where necessary. But it looks so so so good and is just pure joy. Photos to come.

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