Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Missing Out

While bombing around California last week, I noted a whole new range of fast food places that I had never experienced - and, indeed, that added to my list of American foodstuffs that I have never encountered (along with American bands & tv shows that just didn't make it over in Britain). It always fascinates me to learn what traversed the pond and those that stayed firmly in the US. For example, we had The Cosby Show and The Golden Girls (although not in those prime time slots that were here - 6pm, Channel 4 was their place), but not Full House. We got all those archaic sci-fi shows (Lost in Space and Land of the Giants in their Sunday morning slots - again, Channel l 4!), and of course Flipper. But tons of other American references just pass by me... It's really intriguing. But here is a list of staple American foodstuffs that I have not had - yet.
  • A blizzard from Dairy Queen
  • Twinkies
  • Ring Dings / Ho Hos and all those strange synthetic sweet cake things
  • A whopper from Burger King*
While we were out and about I did manage to get my chops around the amazing King Taco. If you're in or near L.A., you MUST go there. It might even be more essential than In-N-Out.** And I LOVE In-N-Out (double double animal style had on Saturday, thanks for asking). It was cheap and glorious - and like proper Mexican food - at least it was according to the Mexican with whom we went. If you somehow get yourselves there, go for the al pastor tacos (at least two!), cheese & jalapeno tamales and a carne asada sope.

* This is in part due to my long-term vegetarian status; I hadn't had a Big Mac until two years ago at the airport in L.A. while waiting for a connecting flight to Vegas.

** This, by the way, was the best April Fools' Day joke I've seen for a long time. Us poor old New Yorkers would kill for it to be here. But that would take away some of the magic, I reckon. Like Top Shop at home - I like certain things to be limited to keep them as a special treat. I've not ventured to the US top shop and, probably won't.

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