Monday, April 05, 2010


Spring has, officially, sprung. So says I. The baseball season started yesterday (thank you, Hideki Okajima, for getting a win, putting me top of my fantasy baseball so that I haven't given up on it just yet - it happens earlier each year), and we spent several hours slumped on a blanket enjoying the sun in Prospect Park while people all around us flew kites, played cricket (although they didn't even chuck, they just straight out threw the ball), and played annoying hipster hybrids of volleyball and basketball with a giant beach ball. Luckily for my rage buttons, we were nowhere near bongo players, and just had to put up with some light strumming of a guitar (by a group of young folk who spent roughly an hour discussing a) hair straighteners and b) how much they loathed Taylor Swift. I am shallow, but not that shallow).

TOH was here for all of spring break, and we ate incredibly well, culminating last night in our second making of this in a week - absolutely spectacular. We don't cook fish that often, but this was amazing. Other new recipes tried out this week: a glorious, relatively healthy version of laksa, a lemon-chili baked chicken, and a Basque-style chicken casserole. Yum yum yum. We also saw the sprouting of all our various planted seeds, so thinning out will take place this week as we strive to keep them healthy and alive. But it's finally happening. I'm going to post on the growth in the garden and seed table later this week, with photos, but it is just utterly thrilling to see things slowly emerge and grow.

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