Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I Think I'm Going To Be Sad...

... I think it's today. And yesterday. And every other day in which I remember the abomination that I saw last night.

I went to a really interesting theatre, saw a couple of one act plays, one directed by a dear friend of mine (with, btw, one of the best names EVER, ever, ever). That wasn't the abomination.

That came after.

I have never watched American Idol, nor the British original. I just haven't got room for that sort of reality show despite my utter incapability of switching off an episode of crap like Charmed* or You Are What You Eat.

Last night, in the bar chosen for the after-play gathering, I unfortunately happened upon Top 12 Do Beatles - so long as you substitute "Do" with any of the following more apt verbs: Massacre, Slaughter, Abominate. There were screens everywhere - it couldn't be escaped. It was honestly one of the most embarrassingly dreadful things I have ever seen - these brats with pretty but bland, vacant and soulless voices annihilating some of the greatest pop and rock songs ever written. It was also insulting to anyone who vaguely appreciates the Beatles. The only kid who did the songs anywhere near justice was the one who rocked out to She's A Woman (one of my favourite tunes and I think criminally underrated). The most awful moments are so hard to choose between: The countrified version of Eight Days a Week; the "soulful" troubadour (he can play! a guitar! wow, he must be awesome! he's a MUSICIAN!) trying to do You've Got To Hide Your Love Away; and the idiot who didn't realise that if you're going to cover Across the Universe, you really should be Rufus Wainwright.

Therefore, to cleanse the dirty feelings of shame and disgust from my system, here's my fave ten Beatles songs of the moment - please, comment in with yours! Also, what are the greatest covers of Beatles songs? Obviously Rufus does a good job, but I'm struggling to think of others right now...
  1. She's a Woman - Paul's voice is so, so, so great on this. And the next two...
  2. Get Back (favourite of ALL TIME)
  3. The Night Before
  4. Ticket to Ride
  5. Norwegian Wood
  6. Carry That Weight
  7. I'll Cry Instead
  8. Blackbird
  9. Twist & Shout (yeah, a cover, but recently saw Ferris again- how can you mess with that?)
  10. I Saw Her Standing There

* Yeah, I said it, outed myself. It can't be helped. I am aware it's not a reality show, by the way. Sort of.

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