Friday, May 04, 2012

I want to offer my love and respect to the end

Today, it was announced that MCA of The Beastie Boys passed away, at the age of 47.  It's one of those strange times that, thanks to what we call Social Media (twitter, facebook and, I'd argue, google reader), that I know so quickly, and that I can share in the mourning and reminiscences with people I know well, acquaintances, and strangers I've never met.  It's a remarkable thing; despite discussion about the loneliness and isolating qualities of the web and Social Media, I feel part of a community.  People I never knew even liked The Beastie Boys are sharing their sorrow with me, and that feels soothing.

In response, I've been doing what I always do - trying to compile a list of my favourite Beastie tunes.  I can't do it just yet - too much.  But I've compiled some of the best things on the interwebs about MCA, and they're brilliant.  Note:  If you don't know, Nathanial Hornblower was Adam Yauch's alter ego director - responsible for So What'cha Want and Intergalactic, two of their greatest videos.

 I'll probably add more as they get published.  

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