Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Good Life (Sort Of)

It's Memorial Day Weekend here in the US of A, and we've spent it jollying around on a boat, eating and drinking a lot, and indulging in the sunshine that has finally emerged after a few weeks of rain.  This is after several weeks of visitors and overindulgence generally.  It's not been particularly taxing except on our bodies, which are feeling a tad flabby and underexercised, and our psyches, which are feeling tired and flabby and slow.  So, despite several events that we're already committed to in the upcoming weeks, a month of austerity - financial, physical and emotional - sounds good, if only to provide a contrast to the previous month in which I've been a little out of control.  

So my aim is, for each week:
  • Exercise: two boxing classes; one yoga class; and one football match (or equivalents).
  • Food & drink: No processed white carbs (i.e. bread, pasta) during the week; no beer during the week; one glass of wine per day maximum.
  • Reading: each day I am to read all of one way on the subway (as opposed to procrastinating and listening to podcasts).
  • Movies: one a week.
EEEEEEK.  I'm sure I can do it.  Surely.  

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