Monday, April 11, 2011

I Like to Move It, Move It: Part II

I'm still trying to keep up with my challenge for April of twenty pieces of exercise in thirty days. Since my last report, I've done a fair bit and am up to eight. I'm quite pleased with it all, really.

April 6 - Bikram yoga
April 7 - Midtown walking (instead of catching the subway to the doctor's, I walk the 20 mins each way)
April 8 - Bikram yoga
April 9 - Horseriding

We went riding in a rather strange farm just over the Massachusetts border this weekend. I rode a lot as a kid - much more than you'd expect from someone who grew up in Catford - and it was weird to ride after such a long absence. Other than a turn in Costa Rica, I've not been on a horse seriously since I was about fifteen. I used to love it and although nervous, the smells - the horses themselves, the barn, the leather - brought a flood of familiarity and warmth. In turn, the riding has subsequently brought cramp from pressing down in the stirrups, and massively sore inner thighs from my seat - where one's "seat" is the position/balance one has in the saddle. It requires pushing down and into the saddle and thus is the source of my pain today. And yesterday.

I'm also on the look out for new songs to run to. I want to start trying to run again regularly - even if it's just once a week - and I'm very much stuck with mid-90s dance which, while I love, I can't help thinking there must have been some decent music made since the turn of the century. So I'm going to try out some of that stuff and get myself in gear. I think. I hope. Flowers are finally blooming, trees are filling with blossom, and it's about time I got myself outside and enjoying the milder temperatures, later sunsets and floral smells before the summer stench takes over.

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