Thursday, April 07, 2011


Tonight's to do list is eclectic:
  1. Pack for Providence
  2. Clean up kitchen so that catsitters aren't horrified by my mess (when TOH is not in town I do revert to my innate slobbiness in a way that would frighten him, I think, if he knew its true extent)
  3. Solder broken jewellery with my newly bought and frankly terrifying soldering kit
  4. Use newly purchased loctite super glue to repair a couple of oven dishes
  5. Plant seeds - or, as I'm going away, is that stupid?
  6. Wash yoga kit and bed linen
  7. Somehow do all my work
  8. Persuade plumber that he really does want to give me an invoice for work done and replace cistern lid
  9. Work through 2 episodes of BSG (I'm so ready for this programme to be over, even though I'm enjoying it)
  10. Get to bed in time to have 6 hours' sleep before getting up for Bikram in the morning
Easy peasy.

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