Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pros & Cons

Things that are great about not drinking:
  • No hangover. Although I'm tired, it seems I do sleep more deeply than if drunk (actually getting some decent sleep) and thus while a lot of being hungover is the tiredness, even the curtailed sleep is better when not drinking.
  • Eating better. Not just while drinking but the next day, too.
  • Lots of exclamations of admiration at one's willpower and determination and falsely modest disclaimers from me in response.
  • Resistance of peer pressure does not come into the equation. I can't get talked into "one more" because I'm not having any, so my personal control doesn't really matter.
Things that are not great about not drinking
  • Boredom with drinks (and everyone else's boredom with my boredom with drinks - last night's grapefruit & soda water was quite nice, and then I had a gingery lovely concoction at this place, complete with preserved ginger, which I loved).
  • Having to repeat conversations because the people who were drunk don't remember it all
  • Realisation that when one is drunk, one is rather less together, smooth, sophisticated and funny than one thinks one is. Collective drunkenness is clearly an enhancer.


Ade1a said...

Love this! You can do it, Grace. I am curbing my sugar intake, but I don't have a fixed deadline. The goal is to reduce my sugar craving, which is extremely powerful on most days. So, even though I can steal away a cookie or the like from time to time, I think I can understand what you're talking about. My equivalent of your sleeping better is an overall feeling of well-being. There's something about needing the sugar that could make me anxious sometimes, and I've also realized that I don't need it as much as I thought...
Good luck with the last two weeks.

pumpkin said...

Good for you about the sugar! I'm impressed, and I think not setting yourself a deadline but slowly changing choices made is the best way, because it becomes ingrained. I have absolutely no evidence to back that up, of course...