Saturday, February 05, 2011

Boring Post About How Backing Up is Soooooo Important

Veronica Mars and Back Up.

Yesterday I got the mac equivalent of the blue screen of death. Just a whirring little circle and the apple. It's a dreaded thing, and I could hear the hard drive scrabbling away at itself, trying to boot, but just not getting there. Heartbreaking to hear my little machine struggle so, in what sounded suspiciously like its death throes.

And death throes they were - the apple genius bar confirmed something nasty had happened to my computer. Even after diagnosis, the genius bar dude looked confused, which somewhat confused me, until he remarked that I looked far, far too happy for someone who had just lost their hard drive. Then the light dawned - "Did you back up?"

For once, yes. I could answer yes. And, no less, as recently as Tuesday. It was the culmination of a series of "sensible" choices - when the hard drive got drowned by Clem last year, choosing the extortionate option that preserved our warranty and TOH's excellent decision to purchase an external hard drive to which I back up each week - which made me far more excited today than I should have. Particularly as it now proves that being prudent and sensible make me excited and, therefore, I am not gently slipping but careering, head first, into middle age.


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