Thursday, November 18, 2010


In order to test out the initial great reaction to bikram, I went back yesterday. Which meant leaving the house at 6 - ulp. Thems that know me know that being awake, let alone functional, before 8 is really not a natural state of being for me. But I did it, and by 7.15 I was sweating away again and wondering what I was doing to myself. This time round I did most of the poses, albeit some of the kneeling ones I had to modify for my poor old tendons and ligaments. In fact, I think I only missed out one standing pose and half of the triangle stuff which, for me, is quite an achievement. And lying there in savasana (dead body pose) at the end I felt, once more, invigorated and great.

Today, I'm sitting fully upright once more, but I'm also feeling the after effects of a much more vigorous workout - my sides are soooooore, and my hamstrings are protesting their use. But it feels good - again. I didn't drink the night before so that I'd enjoy it more, and last night I managed a mere basil lime daiquiri (which was lovely, by the way) for a friend's birthday drinks, and that only half-heartedly as I realised I couldn't take her out for cocktails and then choose wine.

Argh - I don't want to become one of those people. The ones who swear by it, you have to do it, you'll feel all energised and detoxed and without toxins. A lot of the people in the classes go every day, if not twice a day - that's mental. Once or twice a week is most certainly sufficient. Just remind me of that people, please, a lot.

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