Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Gone, Daddy, Gone...

I accidentally just published this without any text, and that was probably the most fitting statement, but of course, far too restrained for me, so going to change that pronto.

Although I am not yet packed, and we are scarily underprepared, today I leave for Eastern and Southern Africa.

The itinerary is, roughly, as follows:

Wednesday 6th - arrive in Nairobi
Thursday 7th - get the hell out of Nairobi - over the border to Arusha, Northern Tanzania, site of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (where, yes, we will visit).
Friday 9th - off to Zanzibar. Which is a real place, as TOH recently discovered.

Then... well then, it's a bit hazy. We're going to do a diving course there, get our PADI certificates, and spend about a week-10 days on a beach, diving, reading, buying gorgeous spices in Stone Town.

Then a couple of weeks in Mozambique, working our way down the enormous coast by diving. Honestly, google image searching "Ilha do Mozambique" and Quirimbas and Tofo and Bazaruto kept me going throughout my final year of law school.

Then it's over to Cape Town for about the 4th of September, where my travelling companion (TC) and I will meet TOH and Her Other Half (HOH) for Stellenbosch, Table Mountain, Robben Island and penguins. And if I smuggle a penguin home, I promise it'll only be one. Team mascot. Crouching Tigers will definitely have to become Crouching Penguins.

So that's it. Several thousands of miles and many languages, cultures and white sandy beaches lie between me and when I'm next back in NYC. I'm going to try to keep up some blogging, uploading of photos, but obviously, no guarantees. Luckily, I've been given an absolutely beautiful travel diary by JKS, and so hopefully I'll have some stellar stories to tell when I get back. And that will, finally, fulfill the mandate of this blog's title...

Have a wonderful summer, wherever and however you spend it.

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