Sunday, August 03, 2008

Flowery Prose

On Friday TOH and I actually did as planned, and made it up to the Bronx botanical gardens. And what a scorching, perfect day to do it - sun high in the sky, and we slowly pottered our way round, as we were still full of pizza, pears and Peroni from our trip to Arthur Avenue and the Bronx's Little Italy. It was a fantastic day, with the unexpected bonus of the littering of Henry Moore statues throughout the Gardens giving the park a gorgeous edge. It's wonderful anyway, but very much like a giant stately home, Natural Trust-type property. The coming round corners of pathways to see a smooth, bronze reclining figure, all angles and shadows, added something very special to the experience. The giant white fibreglass female reclining figure was almost incandescent against the green - I wish I could have captured it better.

Speaking of capturing, the camera is dead on its legs, and so many of these are a tad fuzzy and not quite what I'd like, but sadly a combination of no funds for a new one and the fact that Radio Shack has every single type of battery in the world other than the one we need for my gorgeous old Olympus' light meter means that you'll have to make do with these.

My favourite statue was this latter one - all angles, verdigris, shadows and twists cast upon a perfectly manicured green lawn that swept down from the building housing the laboratories and research centre. It would have been a perfect site for a period drama were it not for the curving, stark statue on the grass.

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