Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Resolved in May

  1. Dunzo! albeit a bit late
  2. 28.6%. Higher than last month, but given the debauchery of senior week, trips to the Hamptons et al., I'm not feeling too bad about it. Particularly as, thus far, I'm eating a bit better and doing more gym stuff, just to escape bar study.
  3. Big nights out include the clubbing experience (ahem) from the Hamptons, and also during Senior Week. Yay!
  4. Classic movies - well, the Charlie Chaplin movie - City Lights - was during May, so that sort of counts. That's about it, but I did finally see Juno on the plane back from London, which was a lot of fun. Going to see Sex and the City tonight - does that count?
  5. Still reading Crime & Punishment, in theory, but I think I may abandon that for lighter reading during the bar. Such as Never Let Me Go by Ishiguro, which I was supposed to read for book club months ago, and have just started, and also any Alain de Botton I can get my hands on. So "classic" may have to take a backseat for now. I can't take it. Don't hold it against me! (same goes for serious classic movies, too).
  6. Had some flowers a couple of weeks ago, that TOH kindly brought me, but have been neglecting this part of my life. Dammit! Will purchase this weekend and make use of a purloined vase or two.
  7. Cooking - well, this week I've been cooking for myself and experimenting with variations on vegetables with spicy sausage or chicken - do I add white wine, do I add stock, which herbs do I use? No real conclusions other than there is a reason why I follow recipes: because I have no culinary imagination whatsoever.
  8. Cultural? Please. Actually, I did go to an excellent and hilarious staged reading of The Physicists, directed by my dear friend for her theatre ensemble, and it was great. It's about three madmen in a sanitarium, one of whom thinks he's Einstein, another thinks he's Newton, and the other is himself, but mad - Solomon appears to him and asks him to dictate his rules of nature. The subject matter naturally appealed to me - there is an underlying theme of the danger of the misuse of science, and how to use a scientific power for good - but the best part was, in my opinion, the delivery. Somehow the staged reading was funnier for the lack of props, the knowing reading of the stage directions. It made it more absurd, and funnier. Although the Swedish gentleman who had been expecting a production of Ibsen didn't seem too happy about the whole thing.
DUNZO for May. Don't expect much interesting in terms of blogging or my life for the next couple of months...

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person in chair said...

hey there- let me know if you get through Never Let Me Go. I'm giving a talk on it in november and I'd love to bounce some ideas off you before then!@@ stay cool, beth