Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Why? Several reasons:
  • Going for Korean food tonight - bibimbop is my all time favourite-named food
  • Supreme Court strikes down death penalty for child rape - yes, it's a bloody awful thing, but death penalty ≠ solution (and, after a bad period, I feel the Court has made a couple of decent decisions this term - nothing as bad as Ledbetter, for example, including the case that I went to see on the Age Discrimination Act).
  • Yesterday, dropped off the application for a visa to Mozambique - we're really going! Ulp! Yay! And if you're wondering why I'm so excited, click here. And here. And here.
    • NB: less exciting: tetanus jab. Actually had to take painkillers to stop the aching in my arm yesterday. Grim.
    • But more exciting - after Friday, pick up the passport and just need Kenya & Tanzania - yayayayayayayay!
  • Just when I order a magic bullet, we find out that blended drinks are back - yeah baby!
UPDATE: Now I am VERY excited about two more things: Professor Schechter's scheduled return to tell us about domestic issues for the Bar - having a professor who is genuinely funny is a rare change and has been a delight this week - even if it does make the classes an hour longer than they need to be.

But secondly - DGC has introduced me to the onion video - I've known it was there for a while, but I'd never watched it before today - and, aptly, the one I watched was about the Supreme Court and the Death Penalty - enjoy!

Supreme Court Rules Death Penalty Is 'Totally Badass'

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