Sunday, June 24, 2007

Treading Water

I am not the tidiest person at the best of times, nor the most domestic, but this whole working business has really messed up (hee!) my house arrangements. I honestly feel as if part of the point of this summer is to learn how to balance things - going out, sleeping, being a good partner - with the demands of work. Not that this is the most realistic form of work, although it's not the easy ride that some people would have you believe.

I'm not sure if I'm coping well, yet. At points I've felt as if I were drowning, a little, but luckily at those points the people round me have brought me back above the surface. But what I am becoming increasingly aware of is that my tendency to take too much on is going to send me insane if I don't curb it. I am full of admiration for my friends who manage their social and work lives so well. I am learning, however, that sleep is the number one priority to keep me compos mentis, and the gym is a good thing, too. From those all things will follow as they should. Hopefully.

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