Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Some Resolutions: March Update

  1. Still eating something green every day!  This is good!  

    1. Further to this resolution, my doctor is concerned about my weight and family propensity for diabetes--a word which will, by the way, forever make me think of this bit of 30 Rock.
    2. Anyway, the point is that I am now down to one soda or chai latte a week (the sugar in those bad boys!) and one chocolatey thing.  Joy!  It's actually not as bad as I thought it would be, but still.  
  2. Reading Book Riot's Read Harder books.  So many of these resolutions are intertwined.  Due to #3, I am reading more.  I'm on my fourth book of the Book Riot Challenge (a book about sports), so I'm a little behind but not by too much.  I read Difficult Women by Roxane Gay for my collection of stories by a woman.  It was pretty good, given that I really dislike the short story format; I feel that either things are so unsaid it's impossible to really get them, or they are full of PORTENT and MEANING because it's short and you don't have space for full character development.  But there were some gems in there, and she really is a lovely writer.  It's just the format I don't like.  Hoping to knock out three in March to get ahead of the curve.
  3. Cut down on screentime.  
    1. So this has been interesting.  I definitely use my phone less than I was, due to the lack of games and Facebook, and consequently I'm reading more on the subway.  I'm massively behind in podcasts; that's okay, however, because my insane workmates are doing all these walking challenges, so I'm responding to competition by walking more (which is good!) and so getting some podcast time in.
    2. Stats, according to Moment:
      1. 1hr59m per day (which is good - a while ago I was trying to limit myself to 1 hr per day on games alone!).
      2. I spend 12% of my waking life on my phone - eek!
      3. I pick it up every 16 minutes, around 58 times per day.
      4. I usually finish using it at 11.04pm, which is too late - not least because I should be going to bed earlier!
      5. How I compare to other users, however: 
        1. They spend 3 hrs 42 on their phones, and pick up 52 times a day
    3. I'm going to keep tracking this for the next month, and try to keep it below 2 hours per day.  I'm not that fussed by that level, because I want to keep listening to music and podcasts.  Having said that, my main app seems to be Safari, so perhaps I need to cut that down and decide what I really need to look up!
  4. Walking.
    1. My average steps per day has increased - I'm now well over 11,000, and between February 10 and today it has been 12,312.  There were a few days where I did not hit 11,000, but overall it's been pretty good.  Workmates doing weekly challenges has really, really helped.  I never win, but it's a good encouragement to not completely humiliate myself.
  5. Planner.  I was being GREAT for a while, then I got super busy and there really wasn't much to write down!  So I didn't.  But it's a new month with lots of moving parts, so I'm going to try harder.  It might - just might - aid me overcome procrastination.  I'm really struggling to balance the demands of my two jobs right now.  So some order will help, surely.

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