Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Change Will Do You Good

It's not really felt like much of a summer other than the sweltering weather. I didn't manage to do a lot of my favourite summer things, but it's too late - Autumn is clearly here. Indeed, the weather has notably changed and jackets and jumpers are now required when you're out of the sun. Today was one of those truly autumnal days - drizzle, a slight chill in the air but no coat required. We played a stonking game of football (I'm going to have a couple of stellar bruises) and then retreated to the warmth of a pub to watch the first full day of the NFL. I'm now pottering with a bit of work, and then will have a nice time watching the NFL, have a hot bath while listening to Radio 4, and then a nice Basque casserole that TOH makes for supper with a glass of wine and falling asleep on the sofa. No wonder it's TOH's favourite season.

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