Sunday, September 13, 2009

Domestic Bliss

On Friday was the first dinner party in the new apartment. It was amazing - basil and baby tomatoes from the garden, barbecue in the garden, and organic steak from the co-op. Yum. And today, I made sorrel soup from the stuff in the garden.

Things I've learned about the place:
  • There is simply NO END TO CAT HAIR
  • This is not the best time of year for sorrel - earlier, when it's less bitter, is undoubtedly better. Or with more bacon. Always more bacon.
  • Along the bacon lines, there are few soups that aren't improved by sour cream.
  • This is an amazing recipe for steak.
  • I like gardening, but there are STILL biting things and I got feasted on, yet again, by those biting things. Sods.

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