Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ouch: Part II

I know, no pain, no gain. This keeps happening to me. I played softball - well, went to training - for the first time ever on Tuesday and my knees were a little creaky the next day.* Then yesterday I did my first "special" workout in the lifting program I've been using. It's pretty smart - you do a rotation of two workouts for 8 weeks and then, just when you may be wondering about your progress, you do a special workout in which you do as many reps as possible - AMRAP - of each exercise using the weight you used in your very first workout. And it's true, you can do a lot, lot more of each.

I knew that would happen.

I didn't realise, however, that it would still hurt quite a lot today. My quads, they are pretty damned unhappy buggers today.

Still, one more AMRAP workout to go, then onto an exciting next chapter in which I do things with exciting names like the "Bulgarian split squat," "dumbbell prone Cuban snatch" (teehee!), "lateral flexion" and "cable horizontal wood chop." Awesome.

* Yes, in some ways, the big glove makes it easier, but if you've never used one before you really have to learn to trust it - that it will help you make the catch. I got a few bruised fingers because I tried to cup the ball with both hands. I slowly got better at it during practice, but it's not something that's automatically easy. And ground balls - they're still pretty hard to field.

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