Friday, October 31, 2008

This week, I have mostly been reading...

Lots of blogs that I read do a weekly round up of interesting articles that have caught their eye. Usually I just rant about things that I've read, but I just read a really wonderful interview with Tracy Chapman, and cannot stress enough how fabulous she is. So I thought I'd collate some cool things I've read of late; do with the links what you will...
  • Tracy Chapman in the Guardian - a thoughtful and bright woman, who happens to have a glorious voice and puts her politics into her music with insight, sensitivity and passion. Just a lovely interview.
  • Another guardian article - showing my limited reading sphere, I know - on the danger of being the only single mother in the village.
  • Thanks to David Bentley's wonder strike for the mighty Spurs in their mighty drubbing of Arsenal (by obtaining a 4-4 draw), I was routed through youtube to the glories of the Top Ten Matt Le Tissier Goals... if you have a vague interest in footie you should watch these, for they are glorious. Almost as good as this one by Wayne Rooney, which is getting on for my favourite goal of all time.
  • Tina Fey is heavenly, she just is.
  • You probably have read a fair bit on this, but a good piece from Slate on the introduction of the progressive tax by socialist hero... Teddy Roosevelt.
  • An excellent piece by Scott Lemieux on another excellent piece on the vulnerability of Roe v. Wade.
  • And for something more cheery I give you... PEANUT CAT!

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