Tuesday, May 06, 2008

All My Loving

Sometimes, there's just something in a name. My geography teacher named Ms. Hill, for example. And the plaintiffs in Loving v. Virginia, the Supreme Court case from 1967 that struck down miscegenation statutes as unconstitutional. Virginia was but one of sixteen states that banned mixed race marriages. It was a unanimous decision, so rare these days, but this was so frighteningly awful, there was no other choice. Particularly galling was that there was clearly no other motive than the fear of "tainting" of the white race, as it was only banned between whites and "others."

Mrs. Loving died on Friday.

Alabama only officially took their miscegenation statutes off the books in 2000.

When arseholes like Dobbs et al. claim that we should be past this "race" business, then we need to remember stuff like this. Because it is not over, not yet, not by a long shot.

Read the story. It's inspiring. Sad, but inspiring.

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